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Advanced Roofing Technology in Colorado Springs, CO

Advanced Roofing Technology | Total Roofing | Colorado Springs, CO

Our company makes sure to leverage the latest in technology to serve our customers and community with the best roofing service possible.

As an example, Total Roofing offers a VIP service called pre-storm contingency contract. We utilize real-time hail-tracking technology to identify your home and get you to the front of the line after a hail storm for emergency roof repair services. And you don’t even need to call us! With this tool, we will automatically identify if your home was in the path of the storm and call you. From there, we schedule an in-person inspection. Our team of emergency roof repair experts will then identify and document what’s been damaged and send the scope to the insurance company. We know storms can be brutal (we’ve seen it all) and want what’s most convenient for you.

Total Roofing also leverages the latest technology to meet your needs as well as the social distancing requirements set forth by the CDC. While Colorado continues to open up, your safety remains our top concern. We will use 3D modeling technology, powered by Hover(™), to find the exact dimensions of your roof. Total Roofing’s team will also use drone technology to help scope your roofing project and provide the most precise quote on the highest quality materials for your home. Then, we will use electronic signature technology to take care of all the necessary paperwork and get right to work. Contactless service from beginning to end!

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